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Veteran Advocacy Network - Mission

Veteran Advocacy Network


Veteran Advocacy Network will work to serve you with a can-do attitude. Veteran Advocacy Network wants all veterans and surviving spouses to feel pride, respect and trust that we are here for you. Our passion is to listen to veterans and surviving spouses to help them obtain any benefit or pension they qualify for; this includes Aid and Attendance pensions available to those who meet specific medical and financial requirements. 

Veteran Advocacy Network will help you whenever possible by having veterans support veterans by hiring, training and providing direct care.

Veteran Advocacy Network will assign a case manager to monitor expenses and ensure these expenses are compliant with the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Veteran Advocacy Network will coordinate skilled home care to keep veterans safe in their environment.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


Pharaoh Ptah

Chief Financial Officer

Frederick B. Moore Jr.


Chief Operating Officer

LaKeisha Henderson

Vice President of Operations

LaDonna Ellington

Vice President of Field Operations

Anthony Ardis

Image of a veteran


Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Aid & Attendance?

Veterans or their surviving spouses may qualify for Aid and Attendance. Aid and Attendance provides monthly payments and allows seniors to receive help with daily activities.


What locations does VAN serve?

Veteran Advocacy Network is nationwide!


How does a serving spouse qualify?

If you're a surviving spouse of a deceased veteran with wartime service, and your income meets certain limits, you may be able to get this benefit. If you also need help with daily activities, you may qualify for additional Aid and Attendance funds.


How do I qualify?


Why do I need VAN?

Veteran Advocacy Network (VAN) has assisted veterans with VA applications for over five years. Here at VAN, we are prepared to serve you. We will fill out all necessary documentation and help you get maximum benefits. Our accredited claim agents will work with the VA to get you approved. Veteran Advocacy Network will continue to work for you after the paperwork is filled by providing homecare and other benefits for our clients.

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